Unique relax massage

Want to alleviate the consequences that will produce the stress of everyday life? The relaxing massage Unique will help you a great deal of releasing tension you accumulate. It will increase, so your being, both physically and intellectually.

Thai Massage with aromàtics oils

Enjoy the classic This Thai massage, accompanied by aromatic oils, adding to its numerous benefits a plus relaxation. A massage stretching and deep. The massage is based on the recipient's body with his hands and forearms, blocking elbow to apply firm rhythmic pressure. The aim of Thai massage is to harmonize, ensure optimum flow and

TUI NA Massage

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The Tui Na Massage Therapy involves making hand movements on the body surface, distributed in very specific and concrete areas or key points.

Four hands massage

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Professional massage performed by two, using his four hands at once ... It has anti-stress, relaxing, antidepressant effects etc ...

Reducing Massage

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The reducing massage is used to combat and eliminate the accumulation of fat in a localized body like the abdomen or buttocks area.